ShenGuang Science and Technology(SGST) is an excellent internationalmicro motor manufacturer.

Foundedin 1993, Shenzhen Shen Guang Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(SGSTCL) is a private science andtechnology enterprise, which mainly engages on development, design, production,sale and service of precise micro DC motor and gear motor. The corporation islocated at 3/F, Tower B, 438 Donghuan Rd, Shajing, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

The plant covers anarea of 3000 m2. The corporation owns a batch of professionaltalents working on the application development, production and quality controlof precise micro motor. It is operated and managed in strict accordance withISO9001 Quality Management System. The annual production and marketingcapability is 50 million sets. So far, the corporation covers over 30 seriesand over 300 models of micro DC motors. The products are applicable to consumerelectronics industry, automotive electronics, security and protection industry,medical health industry etc., which satisfies the demand of the client on theproduct. The products are sold to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, HongKong, Taiwan and domestic markets.

The corporationpursues sustainable development. In addition to paying attention to product innovationand quality, it also focuses on environmental and social feedback positively. Corporationhas passed ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification and promotedTS16949 Automotive Quality Management System Certification. At the time ofcreating economic benefit for the enterprise, it does the due contribution tothe development of the precise micro motor industry in the future.

     Takingzero defect (c=0 standard) as the target, the corporation optimizes qualitymanagement, strives to enhance the advanced equipment and technologicalstandard and tries to satisfy the client. It devotes itself to creating ahigh-efficiency, high-quality and superior-service brand enterprise.


Create a happy working atmosphere

Abundant recreational activities mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, God wide in holding on to the production at the same time, organize colorful entertainment activities to enrich amateur life. Let every god wide people truly appreciate "in God, in God".

Professional ability to highlight the value of enterprises

God created wide uphold the professional values of faith, commitment to innovation, based on consumer demand, indepth market research, leading the forefront of innovation. People always believe that God has professional ability is the best way to highlight the value of the enterprise. Thus continuously forge ahead, by actively learning and technological innovation to enhance their professional capabilities, is expected to provide professional products and services for our customers and consumers


Advancedproduction equipment and precise detecting instrument

Shenguang Science andTechnology Co., Ltd. (SGST) specializes in the application development of micromotor. The production technology and quality management have reached anadvanced industrial level. In recent two decades, SGST has been well recognizedin the industry owing to its rapid response to the demand of client, providingsuperior and economic product to the client and carrying out unique marketingstrategy. SGST products have been widely used for international famous brandmanufacturer (OEM/ODM).

SGSTowns multiple production flow lines. Automatic production equipment includesautomatic coil winding machine, automatic dististyle machine, automatic solderingmachine, and automatic welding pressure-sensitive machine. In addition, it alsoowns precise and advanced testing instruments, including amplification monitor(20 times), industrial microscope, roundness gauge, constant temperature andhumidity machine, stability tester, service life detector, noise tester andother equipment.


Precisequality and delicate service

Toensure the quality of product, the corporation sets up various related qualityverification tests from material, production even to package and delivery. Afterreceiving raw materials, we will test the standard and quality. Qualityverification officer will be responsible for each production procedure that rawmaterial experiences, including cutting, inlaying, wire winding, magnetization,etc. At last, we will conduct performance test of the finished product,including conductivity, noise, service life and precision, etc. to ensure thequality of motor meet the demand of our client.

Wepromise to develop together with clients and take the establishment oflong-term partnership as the purpose. In addition to focusing on the marketdemand, developing the matched technology of motor, we pay more attention tothe cooperation with client to achieve close cooperation.

Ourservice relies on a batch of employees with the sense of mission and responsibility,including OEM and ODM department, engineering department, financial andadministrative department, quality inspection department, and sale and marketpromotion department. Each department is interconnected to provide superiorservice to clients.


Micro motor to build a grand blueprint

Provide integrated solutions for the integration of high quality resources mining consumer demand reach the humanized creation. Sgst customer first, consumer demand for deep mining, multidimensional humanized design to create micro motor, meet the relevant industry application. For the sake of users, the integration of high-quality resources in the domestic industry chain. First proposed integrated management plan is not only the production of motor, more is to provide solutions for the application of drive system, micro motor manufacturers to provide convenient, reducing the supply of program management, improve the production efficiency. In the market around the opportunity and the competition, God wide one step ahead, the miniature motor draws the outline of the grand blueprint.