Established in 1993, Shenzhen Shenguang Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (SGSTCL) is on a growth track to be the global manufacturer of mini-motors. SGSTCL has a 130,000 square feet plant in China and has a capacity of over 50 million mini-motors per annum.

Wherever you may be, there's probably a mini-motor right where you are. In the home, our motors power a range of electric appliances, i.e., hair dryers, toothbrushes and shavers etc. At the office, our motors are in DVD and CD ROMs, video cameras, and even mobile phones etc. On the street, you may have electric motors to power CD players, MD players and digital cameras. Over the years, our mini-motors have been widely used in various electronics appliances. And we have every intention in ensuring our motors always compile with the worldwide standards.


. Typical application of our mini-motors

1. Home Appliances : Electrical key locks, toothbrushes, Shavers, toys and models, hair dryers etc.
2. Audio & Visual Equipment: DVD players, CD players, MD players, VCD players, VCRs, Video Cameras etc.
3. Communication & Information Equipment: CD-ROM drives, DVD drives, mobile phones, pagers, etc.

. For the uniqueness of our customers

At the heart of our success is our commitment to make customers successful. Our customers include many of the world's leading industrial companies. We begin by understanding our customers' business needs and product application requirements of the end user of our customers' products. Then we provide various supporting services for our customers; we have free modification to suit our customers’ specific product design, tailor-made sample promptly provided within three days and no minimum order required.

All of these services are supported by strong functional departments including OEM/ODM product development; engineering, finance and administration, quality assurance, sales and strategic marketing. We worked together to achieve every success with our customers.

. Come and grow with us

Two important trends are supporting our growth: An increasing number of OEM outsources motor production to specialist producers; China is well-known as global factory and is fast becoming the sources of manufactured products for the world’s leading companies.

SGSTCL is positioned to benefit from the convergence of these two forces. We enjoy financial advantages with the production process in China, this combines advantages in our flexible modification services with highly skilled and dedicated motor application experts.